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  • An update in 2015 of my journey.​

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  • Shocked in 2010 that my book would be released. ​

"If you want to make it and survive with bipolar disorder, the drive to succeed and do the best with your life is a must. I find if you’re bipolar once you take over the huge duty of changing your ways, mind, and attitude and choose to want to succeed; then you can and will."

-(Pg. 229)

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  • Bipolar Life A Journey Filled With God


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  • "Jason gives an insight into the world of those who are Bipolar. He writes so honestly about each step he has taken in his life so far and explains thoroughly the steps in his journey. He really is my hero, he is a survivor."

    - Stan E. Wangen

  • "Bipolar Life is not only a journey with God, but also a traverse through real life struggles and temptations. In his book, Taff speaks through an informal voice, but his messages are laced with wisdom, humour, and love. The style is highly subjective, but courageously so. For example, Taff draws mostly on his own subjective experiences and Bible scriptures to drive home a point. And these points are often timeless truths that most know deep in their hearts. In his book, Taff successfully presented his life as an example of perseverance, happiness, and hope. When does suffering end? Can even the most ill people change? What is love? What is peace? Those are the perplexing issues that most ponder about. Taff has mapped his bipolar life out like a web in his book."


  • "Bipolar with a Christian view point. Gives hope."

    -Amazon Customer