Jason Taff

Jason Taff

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Bipolar Life A Journey Filled With God

I want to bless you with this book:

"From the gleeful heights of energy so intense that you have to take notes to follow your own thoughts to dark depths of depression that robs you of all motivation, bipolar disorder can take a heavy toll.

Author Jason Taff writes about his first experiences with this disorder in this book, Bipolar Life: A Journey Filled With God.

Jason was young when he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He known for soaring moods and fantastic plans as well as a quick temper and brooding depressions. When his mother was at loss for what to do next, he was taken to a doctor. Getting to know himself better was half the battle. As he learned more about his illness, he found ways to function and to have a relatively normal life. Follow along as Jason gives insight, wisdom, and advice into the Bipolar Life. If you or a loved one suffers from this disorder, you'll learn how to better cope with its daily struggles, stick though the depression, and persevere past the highs/ If you're interested in learning more about this disorder, Jason Taff gladly dispels tragic stereotypes and explains the real reasons behind bipolar behaviour.

Jason Taff was diagnosed with bipolar at age nineteen. Jason is a devoted family member with a passion to share his knowledge and love for others through his writing."

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